International Cross Border Exchanges

In 2011, Japan received significant aid to help with the Tohoku Earthquake disaster. We gained strength and courage from various countries around the world from their generous aid and support. To convey our appreciation and thanks, we decided to engage in various cross border ocean challenges starting with a challenge to swim to Taiwan.

We initially swam the 150km from Yonaguni, the southernmost island in Japan to Taiwan. Over the course of 3 days in a relay of 6 people, we swam the 150km from Yonaguni, Japan to Taiwan. On our swimcaps, we had the flags of Japan and Taiwan and the words “Thank you Taiwan”.

In Taiwan, we were received with a grand ceremony and we were able to convey the gratitude of Japan to the Taiwanese people for the generosity they expressed through the aid they provided to the revitalization efforts of Japan post the Tohoku Earthquake.

Educate the Next Generation

The Ocean Experience Kids Events we host every year provide an opportunity for kids to able to safely play in the ocean and have fun. We help children grow by having them take part in activities that expand their knowledge and appreciation of the ocean.

We seek to educate children so they will be able to take their experiences and grow into adults who appreciate and understand the importance of environmental conservation. At our events we offer a safe environment for kids to play on SUPs, outrigger canoe, and also beach flags.

The events are always extremely popular, and parents sometimes even join in as well!

Revitalize Japan

After the Tohoku earthquake, the children of the Tohoku area have become afraid to play in the ocean. In order to help bring back laughter and smiles to the children of Tohoku, we have started hosting kids events in the Tohoku area. Held annually since 2012, we have supported and celebrated the Ocean Opening event in Kessennuma Oshima which was affected by the March 2011 Tohoku earthquake.

With ‘Revitalization of the Human Spirit’ as our ongoing motto we aim to bring back the smiles and laughter to the children of Tohoku by providing various ocean activities for the children of the region.

Every year the event has attracted more and more participants, bringing back smiles and laughter back to the Tohoku region!

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